Our purpose is to partner with the parents and families in this community to help our students fulfill their God-given calling in life. Students connect in a nurturing learning environment where healthy relationships are built. FCS strives to provide a close-knit community where students and their families are brought closer to each other and to God in Christ Jesus our Lord. The three swooshes on our logo symbolize church, family, and school being Christ-centered in the bringing up of a child in the way of the Lord. It takes a whole community to raise and nurture a child. 

Parent involvement in a child’s education has a positive impact on a child’s long-term success. When you help at school events, it shows kids the importance of volunteering at school and in the community. Our PTC (Parent Teacher Connect) offers parents many ways to increase involvement by providing resources and volunteer opportunities. Attending PTA meetings offers a valuable opportunity to interact with other parents, hear from a teacher or principal, and learn up-to-date information. Parents can start to build relationships with parents, teachers and school administrators.
Examples of PTC involvement include the following:
• Attend monthly prayer/ plan meetings
• Help recruit volunteers and facilitate special events at the school such as bookfair, field day, teacher appreciation week, etc.
• Help with the school fundraising program